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    Is it possible to achieve both in a single unit? I would be interested in purchasing a 36" fixture that has both the actinic and purple wave spectrums. I guess this is possible to achieve doing a custom spectrum layout. If this is my only option, could you please provide the best color combination & sequence of LEDs to achieve this look across the entire tank (40 breeder)? Thank you for your time.

    PS. My idea with this light is to bring out all the different colors of corals/fish from a viewing aspect. So bring out the blue, yellows, purples, oranges, greens, etc of all the corals with a single light.

    Thanks again
  2. Cara@BML Moderator

    Hi Kyle,

    They can be combined, but it won't be a perfect trade-off with all lights on. But here's one example of combining them, with a slight violet hue to the actinic color:

    However, I see two possible issues for your setup. The first is that you're planning a single spectrum for your tank (which is fine for a 40B)...but neither the Super Actinic or Purple Wave spectrums are a good choice as a single light. You'll want a spectrum that has a combination of daylights, actinics, and UV, such as with the 14,000K or 20,000K spectrums.

    The second issue is that anytime you try to enhance one part of the spectrum it becomes a trading game, and you're very likely going to lose a bit of pop in another part of the spectrum. Believe me, if we could build one spectrum that made every single color pop we'd do it, and only have to offer a single option. In my experience, enhancing blues often drops color rendition in warmer colors such as red/pink/yellow/orange...those colors are there, but may look a bit more dull or muddy. Ever seen a bright yellow coral under only actinic lighting? Not attractive.

    However, based on what you described above that you want to see in your tank, I think the 20,000K will best suit your particular aesthetic preferences. It appears to my eyes as a warm daylight, which makes yellow/pink/orange colors really pop...but it also runs a good number of actinic and UV LEDs and has a very slight violet pop to it. The best way to see this in action is in our 'Compare Colors' photo on the reef spectrum pages, which I'm attaching here.

    Let me know what you think!



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