Power connection with ceiling mount

Discussion in 'Mounting Options' started by Bjorn Rettig, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Bjorn Rettig New Member

    I like the ceiling mount idea, but what I don't see on any of your pictures, how the lights are connected to power. How does that work with the ceiling mount?
  2. admin Co-Founder of Build My LED

    Hi Bjorn. There is ~8' of cable from the power supply that runs to the fixture. Hence, you can run the power cord from below the fixture or from above the fixture (if the power supply is mounted in the ceiling).

  3. rjiemamam New Member

    can I find an extension cord that would run between the power supply to the fixture? I would also like to hang it from the ceiling and would like to leave the power supply on the floor.
  4. Cara@BML Moderator

    Hi Rjiemamam,

    We're now using longer cables, so it's about 8' of cable from the light bar to the power supply and another 6' of cable to the outlet plug (it may be longer than this, actually). So you can leave the power supply on the floor or inside the tank stand while the light bar is up above the tank unless you're hanging it higher than 8' above the ground. Hope this helps!


  5. rjiemamam New Member

    Hey Cara, thanks for the response-

    I think I would need something longer than 8' since I would like to hang the fixture from the ceiling, maybe I can mount the power supply on the wall, which may not look the greatest so I was hoping there might be a different solution
  6. Cara@BML Moderator

    Are you planning to run the power cable up to the ceiling and then back down to the ground? While we can build longer custom cable lengths, it's not a route I recommend simply because the spliced/connected areas will have a large patch sealing them together, which is not terribly sightly. If it all possible, I recommend suspending the light and running the cable directly behind the tank and down to the ground. I've also had a few customers suspend the lights from arms, and run the cable along or even inside the arm, in case that's a possibility.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!


  7. rjiemamam New Member

    I'm hoping to suspend the fixture in front of a window for some extra lights for my plants on the windowsill, so not an aquarium. I am imagining I'd run the cable up the window frame, then route it down by one of the suspension cable.
  8. Cara@BML Moderator

    Ahhhhhh, okay. Will the cable splice patches be okay, visually? How long do you need the cable section before the power supply to be? I can get a quote for you once we know the spec's.

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