Can This Still Be Ordered?

Discussion in 'Riparium / Vivarium / Terrarium Lighting' started by Steven, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Steven New Member

    I'm looking to add another row of lights. Can this still be ordered?

    (Length: 36 inch, Part Number: PS3675S101LJAOJLHAJLLPAJL, Beam Angle: 75 Degrees, UVQuantity: 4)
  2. Cara@BML Moderator

    Hi Steven,

    I replied on your other post--yes, not a problem! Only issue will be in ordering it through our DIY Spectrum Configurator online, as it's now set up to design XB Series LED if you're prefer it in Original Series rather than XB, just give me a call at 512-382-5881 and I'll manually enter it for you.



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