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    2015-04-02.jpg 2015-04-02-2.jpg 2015-04-02-3.jpg 2015-04-02-5.jpg 4-2-2015 - 2nd to last photo you can see the lettuce I tried to replant really not doing well because it cant get light due to the massive kale
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    4-7-2015 - decided to clip a couple of the main leaves for the raab I cant even rotate my garden to get to the other side, got curious about the inside of the tower for if it was clean, in the past when I have had grows this long with out a pull down and bleach out I have had root root the hydro guard is really working however its nice and clean inside. we will see if it stays that way once I start pulling kale to make way for lettuce I figure I wont be able to pull out all the roots so they are going to get stuck in the system and rot I am hoping that the hydro guard will digest that dead roots /fingers crossed

    2015-04-07.jpg 2015-04-07-2.jpg 2015-04-07-3.jpg 2015-04-07-4.jpg 2015-04-07-5.jpg 2015-04-07-6.jpg 2015-04-07-7.jpg 2015-04-07-8.jpg

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    4-9-2015 - finally could rotate the garden to get to the basil and give it some space cut back some raab and took some larger basil leaves as it was covering its self up. take a look at the bokchow nice and filled in sill not near the size as found in the grocery store

    2015-04-09.jpg 2015-04-09-2.jpg 2015-04-09-3.jpg 2015-04-09-4.jpg 2015-04-09-5.jpg 2015-04-09-6.jpg 2015-04-09-7.jpg
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    4-10-2015 - some good basil shots now that some of the light issues I have kind of resulted from the crowding but still under performing I think Swiss is still VERY green it should be rainbow.

    2015-04-10.jpg 2015-04-10-2.jpg 2015-04-10-3.jpg
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    2015-04-12-233178.jpg 2015-04-12-233179.jpg
    2015-04-14-233181.jpg 2015-04-14-233182.jpg 2015-04-14-233183.jpg 2015-04-14-233184.jpg 2015-04-14-233185.jpg 2015-04-14-233186.jpg
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    4-15-2015 - big swiss chard
    4-20-2015 - massive broccoli raab pulled it the rabbits didn't really care for it to much
    2015-04-20-233191.jpg 2015-04-20-233192.jpg 2015-04-20-233193.jpg
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    4-23-2015 - got a small pinch of color in the chard but still not rainbow, pulled the bok chow not happy with how it came out I don't think the tower has enough space for it as you can see by some bruising in the base and the leaves didn't really form well

    2015-04-23-233194.jpg 2015-04-23-233195.jpg 2015-04-23-233196.jpg 2015-04-23-233197.jpg 2015-04-23-233198.jpg 2015-04-23-233199.jpg 2015-04-23-233200.jpg 2015-04-23-233201.jpg 2015-04-23-233202.jpg 2015-04-23-233203.jpg
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    4-29-2015 - some basil shots nice swiss is big
    2015-04-29-233209.jpg 2015-04-29-233210.jpg 2015-04-29-233211.jpg 2015-04-29-233212.jpg 2015-04-29-233213.jpg 2015-04-29-233214.jpg 2015-04-29-233215.jpg 2015-04-30-233216.jpg 2015-04-30-233217.jpg
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    5-12-2015 - my basil tree
    5-27-2015 - I have pulled all but 1 kale to see how long it will last, took a shot of where I pulled a swiss, I don't think I will grow it again the root got HUGE I hate to actually take apart part of the tower to take it out.
    2015-05-27-233219.jpg 2015-05-27-233220.jpg 2015-05-27-233221.jpg 2015-05-27-233222.jpg 2015-05-27-233223.jpg 2015-05-27-233224.jpg
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    6-10-2015 - shot of the basil tree as well as how long the steam is on the kale each little notch is one leaf I have pulled im betting I have taken better then 50 from it. would love to grow more kale but it takes up SO much space. but I really did like the kale grow. I think this is a wrap for this log I have switched back to lettuce and with the summer heat and still lick of dimmers I am giving to much heat and dli so im getting tip burn :(

    6months or something ish and still growing strong on that kale I kept
    2015-06-10-233225.jpg 2015-06-10-233226.jpg 2015-06-10-233227.jpg 2015-06-10-233228.jpg 2015-06-10-233229.jpg

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