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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Design' started by Collin Saint, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Collin Saint New Member


    I've been shopping around for awhile now and decided to go with BML for lighting my 120g. I'm in need of some tips on lighting setup for my system.

    Tank: 120g (60"L x 18"W x 26"D)
    Substrate: ADA Amazonia
    Ferts: Dry Ferts w/ Dosing pump (won't be utilizing the dosing pump until my plants catch).
    CO2 Injection: Yes with solenoid/PH controller
    Fert Method: PPS Pro Dosing. I'm probably going to avoid EI due to the water change requirements to reset the water column each week.
    Light Requirements: High
    Plant Selection: Carpeting plants up front at 2" substate depth. Substrate will rise to about 4" towards the back. Mainly green focus on plants with scattered red plants.
    Fish Selection: Discus and L046 Zebra Pleco's will be the highlight fish. Will probably introduce a basic cleanup crew as well. The discus will be a variety of species and colour.

    Intent: Basically I'm trying to get to the point of having a beautiful heavily planted display worth aquarium where the plants suck the water column dry of any Nitrates. This will enable me to do minimal water changes except when I plan to reset the water column and reintroduce minerals back into the water from my buffered RO. I don't plan to introduce any fish to the aquarium for 4ish months until I can balance the lighting/CO2/ferts to keep algae growth under control.

    Now my first question is that I have fallen in love with your Nature Style 6500k XB Series. I imagine I should stick with the two fixtures but am unsure of the lens requirements to punch enough light to the substrate at the front. 75D up front 90D in the back? Just looking for some external feedback to ensure I'm facing the right direction before I purchase.

    My second question is in regards to shipping up to Canada. I'm just curious as to what I should expect in regards to shipping cost for 2 x 60" fixtures up to your good ole neighbours to the north (I'm cringing just thinking about this).

    Any info I may be overlooking would be greatly appreciated :).

    Have a great day!
  2. Cara@BML Moderator

    Hi Collin,

    Thanks for considering our lighting solutions! (And nice fish selection you're planning, too!) Two fixtures in the XB Nature Style will be more than adequate for lighting this setup, but I agree with you--you'll want narrower optics up front and wider in the back to ensure your foreground carpeting species have adequately high intensity. A 75-degree lens up front and 90-degree in the rear will do the job handily--and be prepared to dim them down if light intensity is too high per CO2 and nutrients! You can use a splitter cable and run both lights on the same dimmer if hair or thread algae starts to become an issue due to this.

    If you create an account on our website and add these fixtures to your shopping cart, you'll have the option to select USPS Priority as a shipping option and see the exact shipping rate to your address*. USPS Priority is the most popular option for our Canadian clients as, unlike FedEx and UPS, they do not charge an "import brokerage fee" to carry your items across the border but instead just hand off to Canada Post.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know...and I want to see a pic of this tank with some L046's peeking out once it's all set up!



    *Please note: for anyone else reading this--USPS shipping through the webstore is only an option for Canadian clients; if you're outside the US and want to check on other carrier rates, please email us with your full address and shopping cart list at support@buildmyled.com.
  3. Collin Saint New Member

    Thanks very much Cara for the information :). I'll take it into consideration when it comes time to finally purchase my lighting.

    The first batch of L046 (4) show up Friday from Ontario :D. They'll be in a species only grow out tank for a while. It's difficult to find full grown here in Canada so I'm shipping in some smaller fry. My second batch will come in a few months from another breeder in BC. Then I just need to locate a WC male and I'll be all set to wait (the super long time) for them to grow out and be ready for breeding. Eventually when I have them growing well in my 40gB I'll move them over into the 120g when they are ready to be sexed (going to segregate the domestic bred males from the domestic bred females to keep the genetics pure).

    I'll be sure to snap a couple photos and post my progress updates as I put everything together for everyone to enjoy.

    Thanks again Cara and have yourself a good evening.
  4. Cara@BML Moderator

    Sounds like a nice project! One thing to keep in mind with L046 is their high oxygen demands, so be careful about running injected CO2 in their tank. I know some folks who run power heads for surface agitation in their zebra tanks just to keep DO up since high temps can cause correspondingly low gas levels. I've kept (but not bred) these guys, but never tried CO2 with them. Such handsome little Hypan's!

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